Do you have a Pandora Handheld and it just isn't the right handheld console for you? Do you have a Pandora Handheld that no longer works, and your warranty has expired,and you want to get rid of it? No Problem! Sell it to us for a great price! 

We will send you actual MONEY instead of just giving you store credit you can only use here!!!!! We can pay you in three different ways, you may choose you're preferred method, we can send your money with paypal, money order and checks (mail in payments will ONLY be denominated in USD). If you want your money in any currency other than USD, you MUST use the paypal option as it will convert to you're preferred currency automatically.

How Does It Work You Ask?

In order to sell your Pandora Handheld to us, you must use the email form below to tell us the condition of your pandora. For used Pandora's in good working order, you will receive $350 for the console and all of the accessories that come bundled with it normally (as if it were newly purchased from Open Pandora LTD or one of their approved shops). If you are missing any accessories or would like to include extra accessories, please mention this in the email you send using the form below and we will adjust the price accordingly. For broken Pandora Handhelds you will receive $100 for the Pandora Handheld itself (with no accessories), if you are including any accessories, please specify and we will adjust the price accordingly. Please note, when selling us ANY Pandora Handhelds regardless of it's condition, you MUST send us your console so that we can evaluate it before we will pay you for it. If you are leary about sending your Pandora without getting any money for it right away, note that I am a verified Paypal seller, which you can confirm below. Also you can check out my ebay and feedback below.

When using the form below, please specify the payment method you would like to use. Also specify the condition of the Pandora in your initial email, so we have an idea of what we're getting prior to actually receiving it.

For the order number, you may put any number you would like, it will help us keep track of orders easily if you put a number in there, but if you prefer, you may leave it blank.

Please Note: If you are selling your pandora handheld to us, you must pay for shipping it to us.You may choose your preferred shipping method, however,  we STRONGLY urge you to pick a shipping option that has BOTH insurance AND delivery confirmation!!! We will not be responsible for damage or lost items IF you choose a shipping method without these two options.

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