Console Mod Zone currently accepts the following types of payments for "goods" and "services:"




Now this being said, Paypal unfortunately has a strict policy against transactions for modification devices, modding services, softmodding, modified devices and all the inbetweens even if the transaction is completely lawful. Due to Paypal's Acceptable Use Policy found here: Now to someone reviewing that policy you may realize that none of the aforementioned items and/or services are listed as prohibited in their policy. However, Paypal has made it very clear that they do not tolerate these types of transactions, as they have suspended and banned merchants who used Paypal for these types of things.

As a result of this, we will only be able to accept Paypal for items/services which do not fall under any of those categories, such as games, imported games, unmodified consoles and other similar items/services. We apologize for the inconvenience, but its Paypal's policy and nothing we do can change that.

You are more than welcome to pay for ANY items/services using Bitcoins however. Just know that items that fall under any of these four categories will be restricted to Bitcoin payments only at this time. Items/services outside these categories are open to either payment type.

Thanks for your understanding.

-Console Mod Zone

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