These are the original Matrix Glitcher chips. The first release! I have slashed my price on these to $5.00 USD WITH SHIPPING COSTS INCLUDED (for domestic buyers only, read below for international buyers).

The reason I have slashed the price is, because there are much better options out there nowadays for doing the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) on your Xbox 360 console. I am trying to wipe out my stock of these to make room for the better chips on the market!

I currently have 5 of these in stock and each one ships with 1 ceramic disc capacitor (shown in the picture above).

All modchips will be shipped via the U.S. Postal Service's Flat Rate Shipping option. The cost to ship this within the U.S. is $4.95, however I have included the shipping cost (for domestic buyers in the states) in my price. So for 1 chip with shipping you pay the exact price listed on this page ($5.00) and that's it!

International customers must contact me before making a purchase as international shipping rates vary and I need to adjust your price accordingly. You can find our contact information on the "Contact us" link above.

This chip allows you to peform the new Reset Glitch Hack (aka the GliGli Hack) on just about any Xbox 360 so that you can run linux or other unsigned homebrew. Please note however that theses chips are shipped completely blank! They must be programmed before you can actually use them. The programming of this chip is the end user's responsibility. These chips will not do anything straight out of the box!!!!

Due to the nature of these chips, I will not be providing any support, nor will I accept returns/exchanges!

Also these chips are intended to be used for legal homebrew and/or installing legal alternative operating systems on your console, such as linux!

The end user is entirely responsible for any damage that may happen to your console as a result of installing or attempted installation of these chips. Also you, the end user are responsible for any unlawful uses of this chip.

The way I ship these chips (blank) is not unlawful (in accordance with U.S. law), because they do not circumvent anything!

If you are unsure about the legality of these chips and/or any use of these chips, please contact a licensed legal expert/attorney in your country of residence.

For any additional info or for technical support please contact the manufacturer. Their website can be found at

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